My name is Lindsey Bishop.  I am the owner and creator of Lackadazee, and the co-owner and artist at SeeBirds.


Im an adventurer by nature.  To see what I've been up to, check out my blog.


About Me:

From day one I’ve been surrounded with what inspires my art. I was raised in rural Indiana, in a wooded wonderland far from the sounds of roads and civilization. Growing up immersed in the glory of nature’s vibrant hues and beautiful smells of soil and soul, I was able to cultivate a world in my art that reflects what I believe exists under layers of noisy chaos of modern life. I have a deep love and personal connection for living beings and growing organisms which carries me through my artistic expression. I was encouraged from a very young age to explore my artistic dialect. Because of this, I’ve been blessed with the ability to tap into a part of myself that finds great joy and satisfaction in conveying my view of the world with a creative freedom and flow. I sold my first painting at the age of 15. My accomplishments as an artist include an exclusive feature in the Star Press, as well as the opportunity to share my work with the public at Folly Moon in 2014. Some of my print work can be found at Dan’s Records in downtown Muncie.
I am a 2014 grad of Ivy Tech out of Muncie, with my degree in Hospitality Administration. I am in the beginning stages of fostering my career as a visual artist and designer in Louisville Kentucky. With that being said, I will always attribute my budding careers roots to life in Muncie.

If you were to know anything about my work, I think it's decisively conducive to know that I paint from the heart. I paint to optimism and zeal, and to me a piece is not complete if it doesn't (metaphorically!) touch you in some way. When I'm working on commission work, I don't give up unless I would hang it front and center in my own home.
Nothing in life is more enveloping than emotion.

I started making jewelry for many reasons, but firstly because it's becoming unnecessarily difficult to find high quality, timeless designs that are ethically produced.  
I wanted to bring an option to the table that is good for the earth, the people of the world and that won't wear away over a few months.
My theory on adornment of the body is to be subtly bold. I create designs that are light reflective and interesting. I don't believe in cheap and trendy, I believe in beautiful and timeless. I use high quality metals and stones that will last for years rather than months. I also put the time into my work to make sure I'm providing jewelry that will last.



Exhibits and Fairs

Muncie Artwalk 2013 & 2015

Folly Moon Month of June Solo Exhibitor 2013

Cornerstone Center for the Arts Artist of the Month

Exhibitor July 2015 Show Title: ROYGBIV 

FleaOff Market Downtown Louisville, KY 2015

Mellwood Art Festival Louisville KY 2015

Living Lightly Fair Muncie IN 2015

NuLu Fest Louisville, KY 2015



Muncie Star Press Lifestyle Headliner Sept.


Muncie Star Press Gallery Opening Writeup

July 2015